A walk through lanes of Old Delhi

It was the evening of 29 November 2017, when the chills of winters were drawing nearer. I along with my three companions chose to visit Jama Masjid, the blessed mosque, housed in the busiest road of Old Delhi.

The world is body, Delhi is its soul.- Mirza Ghalibh

When we got out of Chawri Bazar metro station, the setting sun and arranged nearby shops invited us. The region topped off with an affable group, who were liberally managing the sightseers. We strolled towards the left to arrive at our objective through thin paths lined up with nearby delights at stretches.

I actually think back to that solid aroma of cardamom being bubbled in water at a tea stall, where we halted to appreciate tea and a few bites of deep-fried fritters, which along with sweet tea was the ideal blend.

Subsequent to strolling for around 30 minutes, after the evening tea, we arrived at our destination. The heavenly piece of Mughal design, Jama Masjid is deserving of esteem. The fundamental entrance was raised through a trip of steps, I recollect the expanding feeling of extreme peacefulness as we moved toward the passage. The entryway was magnificent with its excellent curve and calligraphic enumeration. The vendors at the enterance were very welcoming and were joyfully presenting their products and services.

The vista post entering the principal premises was amazing, the birds were surrounding and meandering to contact every last bit of hallowed, individuals accumulated to observe the evening prayers were exchanging good tidings and love. We watched around for some time and left from the eastern door to lay on the steps and felt quiet under his grace. As and when the petitions contacted our ears, an alternate kind of energy created around our reality, we felt more invigorated. The heavenly experience and the charming perspective are as yet envisioned well in our recollections.

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